About Me

Hello! Welcome to Vanessa's Clay Adventures I started this blog a few years ago to celebrate my creative adventures with polymer clay. I had been making beaded jewellery for a couple years and I was yearning to work with beads that were not purchased commercially. My jewellery was looking like many other artists at the craft shows I was attending. I started to look for a creative way to make my own beads. After some research online I found polymer clay and the adventures continued. I thought after looking at beads made from polymer clay that I could make those too and it would be easy and fast. I was really wrong. It wasn't that easy and I had much to learn but I was hooked. I spent more time searching online and looking for books on the subject of polymer clay. I was fortunate and found a local group of polymer clay artists and my real education began.

I now make polymer clay buttons, crochet hooks, trinket boxes, pens and more. 

I do use this blog to show other aspects of my life so there will be breaks from displaying my most recent clay designs. There may also be long delays between posts as the best creation of my life arrived on May 19th 2010 in the form of a handsome little boy we named Saylor. I will refrain from posting about Saylor here I have another blog to be a proud Mama on!

Please leave comments and feedback I love to hear from my followers.