What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a malleable product often marketed towards children. Polymer clay is a versatile medium that is used by many artists to create a huge variety of items from jewellery, to home decor and fabulous works of art. The medium comes in manufactured colours that can be mixed and customized to suit the needs of the artist. There are several different brands of polymer clay and each artist has their own brand preference depending on what is being created.

To begin working with polymer clay you don't require too many tools. In fact to begin you can start with basic things you have around the house before you decide to invest in specialized tools. It is important to remember that once a tool has been used for polymer clay it should not be used for anything else. Polymer clay can be cured in a regular household oven, a toaster oven or counter top convection oven. It cures at a relatively low temperature but this depends on the brand of clay being used.

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