Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Tina thanks for the tag. Sorry I'm a little slow in responding been a little busy. From what I understand about this little game of tag I now need to share 7 little know things about myself. This might be difficult.

1) I have a Chinchilla as a pet her name is Kluane.
2) I was a sea cadet from the ages of 14-18 and an officer in the Cadet program for about 10 years.
3) I live in Prince Rupert for 2 years and spent a summer working in Whitehorse.
4) Pete is my second husband, he is a wonderful guy and I love him a lot.
5) I am a lous cook, thank goodness Pete is an awesome cook.
6) I was born in Edmonton Alberta and move to B.C when I was 5 years old.
7) When I'm claying or creating I work in a very tidy area. If my space gets cluttered and messy my muse goes on vacation.

Well there you go a few bits of information about me. Now who am I going to tag? Kam Iggy Jem
Jem, Gera, Wanda Pat Gloria
Ok gang lets see what happens with this little game of tag.