Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meet Kluane

This is amazing 3 posts in one afternoon. A while ago someone asked me about Kluane the Chinchilla. So I thought I'd take a few pictures. In the last month she has decided (I have had her for almost 10 years) that she now wants more attention and will cuddle with Pete and I when she feels like it. Kluane is well looked after she has 2 cages one regular cage and then a play pen that she plays in every evening. In addition we are now taking her into the bathroom closing the door and interacting with her. She loves running around the bathroom and making me one of her obstacles. It is a lot of fun having her run across my lap and sometimes when I'm lucky she stops for a snuggle.
Kluane was fascinated with the camear strap, she trying to chew on it here.

Hmmm a zipper to chew on.

I know I can escape from here if I try hard enough.