Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Practice and Experiments

I have wanted to learn how to make a all clay vessel for quite a while now. I finally gathered up the courage to try it. The first one worked but had a week seem where I joined the clay. The second attempt is below. I'm pretty happy with the first stage of it. I need to sand a little bit and then I'm going to cover it. Practice does pay off.

I learned that I need to make my seal my seam in the clay much better. I figured out how to make my lid after 3 tries and searching at the hardware store and all over my house for a circle that was the approximate size I wanted. I finally found the perfect size for the lid in a tin that I have in my studio.

This attempt at a all clay vessel has really involved learning some new things. Experimenting with new to me techniques is certainly worth the frustration and pondering of what to do next. The next vessel I will attempt will be smaller.

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