Saturday, July 18, 2009

Any one for a giant game of Tetris?

During the winter we heat our home primarily with our wood stove. Last winter we used approximately 3 cords of wood and we ran out of wood in March. So this year we hope to have 4-5 cords of wood. We have had this pile of wood drying in our side yard for a while now. My husband built this temporary shed to contain the wood, later on it will be covered with a tarp. Today hubby split some firewood and I played Tetris. The wood in the pictures is approximately 5 feet high and a little over 6 feet long. It was really warm here today so this took us a couple hours with a few breaks in between. In fact later this afternoon we cut and stacked some more! Give us a couple more weeks and it will all be done.

The remaining wood pile to be split and stacked.

A different angle of the same wood pile. The fence that you can see in this picture is around 5 feet high.
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