Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Tofino Adventure

I have safely returned from my wonderful visit with Tina in Tofino. We had a wonderful time creating with clay. On Tina's blog you will see the necklaces we created and the details. The necklaces were a real challenge to put together. The results were definitely worth the time and effort.

I also with some guidance created a polymer clay slab box. This first attempt is for my eye only as it was truly a experiment. hehe. The next box will be a great improvement and I will share that one.

On Tuesday mid morning Tina, her husband Bill and I took a much needed break so we got dressed for the rain and piled into the truck. We went to a wonderful place called Schooner Cover in Tofino. The adventure started in the parking lot and a with a few short steps we were immersed in a old growth forest. Surrounded by enormous Hemlock trees, wild blueberries and other vegetation. The path through the forest was a wooden boardwalk, some of the boardwalk had been replaced in the last few years and some of the path was well worn. I had to stop periodically to gaze around me and take in the wild beauty around me.

This is a picture of a large crevasse created bye the ocean and time on a small island just off the beach we explored.

A set of steps on the boardwalk.
Tina and I.

This pair of trees is near the begging of the trail at Schooner Cove a very nice natural arch to pass through.

I feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to continue creating in polymer clay. Thanks for everything Tina and Bill!