Saturday, October 24, 2009

Water colour painting experience

Yesterday I attended a water colour painting workshop. I had talked with a couple friends before the class one said that painting with water colours is difficult and another said the opposite. So figured that I would just go and have fun. The class was taught by a wonderful local artists based on Gabriola Island, unfortunately I did not write down her full name or other information. I did try to find her online with out success.

We did a total of 3 paintings. The teaching method used was very affective, Linda would do a brief demonstration and then we would return our work stations and copy what we were shown this was repeated through the day. I managed to take a few pictures before my card was filled up on the camera.

stage 1 of the first painting

the first stage of the second painting

my pallet, brush, rag, the tape we used to keep
the paper attached to the corrugated plastic board
and bucket of water

nearing the end of painting 3 we used a graphite
transfer to put the image on the 100% cotton rag
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