Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Truth

The truth is that I don't follow directions, instructions or tutorials very well. Quite often as I mentally prepare to build my next box or vessel I spend hours surfing on the internet and thumbing through the books I have collected this is especially true when I want to create something a little different from what I have previously made. The muse seems to need a lot of fuel to mull over. On the internet I will chat with friends, ask them questions, I will search words, colours and themes. Then I will go to flickr or Picasa and search online albums the same way. After I have given the muse all the input she can handle the idea starts to create it's self. Most night as I lay down to sleep I start putting different colour combinations, textures and shapes together in my mind looking for just the right combination for this particular project.

Currently I have a very special project in mind but it is taking it's time to percolate. I have gone through my collections of rocks, shells, beach glass and beads pulling out some things that I may want to include. I have tried multimedia before with out much success so maybe this time it will work. I suspect this project will be a few more weeks in the making.