Monday, September 6, 2010

A lovely Giveaway

Tonight I visited the beautiful blog of Marie Segal ! She is doing a gorgeous giveaway of one of her steampunk angels. I know that I have dropped Marie's blog before and enjoyed looking at her creations but it wasn't until just now that I started to "follow" her now I won't miss any of her creations or wonderful blog posts. Pop on over have a visit, I know I'm going back to read some more and enter her giveaway while you are at it.

Edited: Sept 11 2010

I won! I won a pendant from Marie Segal. I came home the other day to find a message in my in box from Marie Segal...a personal mesage...ohhh...wonder what it is. My heart started to race and I won! If you follow the link above and scroll down you will be able to see the pendant that will be winging its way me very soon! yipeeeee