Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missed the mark

I some how feel that the two boxes dotty boxes I posted yesterday missed the mark and didn't measure up to the vision I started with. In the past I have been able to create a whole box in a single day (pre my son arriving) and now it takes much much longer. In fact these two dotty boxes took almost two full weeks to complete. Some where along the way I lost my original vision and I just wanted the project completed. I might have (oh ya I did) rushed the finaly details just to get it done. I am busy with my son and my husband works full time so the energy and time I have to work in the studio is minimal. (I know the saying...excuses are like a**holes everyone has one) I am finding that when a project takes too long I loose interest and my original vision becomes clouded.

I know the dotty boxes are just all right and I have previously made boxes that I love even more. I still have the urge to create and play with clay but I also experience frustration and disappointment at how long it takes to produce something I really like.

I suppose this is the stage of life I am in and I need to appreciate that I do get time in the studio how ever that may look. So my question to you is how do you feel when a project is taking too long or doesn't meet with the idea you originally started with?