Monday, February 6, 2012

Bottle of Hope Project Part 2

Today four years ago I was in the local hospital palliative unit with my family. We were sitting bedside with my dad who we knew was nearing the end of his life. As difficult as it was watching my dad dying I am glad that I sat with him and experienced every emotionally painful moment. My suffering was minimal in comparison to my father's experience. I remember quietly and maybe it was only in my mind speaking to my dad letting him know that if it was his time then it was all right. Those he was leaving behind would be all right. Shortly after after 7pm my dad passed away. Sadly I don't have any  digital pictures of my dad to share.

To commemorate this day I donated a total of 46 Bottles of Hope to the local Cancer agency. They were thrilled to receive them. They plan on giving them out during the survivor's dinner held during the Relay for Life in early June. Maybe before then I will create a few more bottles as there are many survivors that attend this dinner.

In early January I challenged myself to make this donation as close to February 6th. I am full of joy today knowing these little bottles will find new homes soon.

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