Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blooming Into Uncertainty ...completed

This covered canvas was inspired by a day trip to Campbell River and all along the road side were wild flowers and Scotch Broom blooming. The colours were bright and really caught my attention.
For about a week each night as I lay down to sleep I pondered how I would cover the canvas. What colours would I use? What techniques would best translate my ideas into something that was pleasing to look at?

I decided to use a mix of filigree and molded pieces. In relief trailing along a vine are 3 flowers and leaves. Filling in around the flowers are many colours making one think of a field full of wild flowers.

Along the edge of the canvas are flowers created using a mold and the spaces are filled in with rolled dots of clay.

Creating this covered canvas was a challenge for me and full of uncertainty. I walked away many times with my head spinning from all the bright colours. Each day I worked on it the spaces were filled in and it really began to feel like it would come together.

I did some brain storming with my good friend Tina Holden and we chatted on how to name the canvas. From our conversations I choose the name Blooming into Uncertainty. The uncertainty I felt while creating this canvas melted away at the end and I am thrilled with how it looks as a completed piece.

the canvas laying flat

the canvas propped up

a side view

the details along all 4 edges of the canvas
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