Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thinking about pricing and my most recent cylinder boxes


I was recently thinking about how long it takes me to make one of my unique boxes. Here is a short break down of how long my process takes.

-4 rounds of curing in the oven at 40 minutes each time for a total of 160 minutes

-creative time 3-4 hours

-sanding as needed 40 minutes

As you can see one box is a large investment of time. I truly enjoy the creative process and always look forward to seeing a finished item.

When it is time to price my items for sale I don’t take time or labour into consideration. If I did each of my boxes would be unaffordable for the average person. My desire is to share my art and make it accessible to everyone.

Here are my most recent creations 

lid of cylinder box with flowers


side view cylinder box with flowers 

Cylinder box with flowers 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide

angle view of cylinder box with starfish

Cylinder box with starfish, sea urchin and seaweed 4 inches tall 3 inches wide

lid to cylinder box with starfish

side view of cylinder box with starfish

lid square box pink white mg box

view of lid pink white mg box

A pink, white and black square box 4 x 4 inches accented with a textured black knob rubbed with silver paint.