Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trinket Dishes

I had a recent phone call from Morganne the owner of Morganne’s Uniquely Chemainus she told me that she had several customers recently who were looking for a bowl or dish to display rocks, shells and beach glass collected on the beach. This phone call inspired me to create some colourful dishes.
black and white dish inside Front of dish 5.5 inches across and shimmers blue and silver.
black and white dish outside back of dish above
inside pic of small blue bowl smallest dish 3.5 inches across with a light blue inside
outside pic of small blue bowl back of dish
green dish inside shimmery green dish measures about 3.5 inches across
outside green bowl back of green dish
inside grey dish grey dish stamped with starfish measure about 3.5 inches across
outside grey dish back of dish in pink, yellow and white
These four shallow bowls will be travelling to Chemanius either Friday or Saturday I will also be creating several more before I visit the gallery to drop off these new items.

*Edited to add the next 3 bowls
 small textured pink dish inside


inside view of small blue dish


 inside view of dish 5.5 inches across

back view12 crochet hooks march  
Morganne has also had requests for more crochet hooks specifically in size 5. Here is a batch of 12 hooks with several being the requested size.
pink and purple box with decorative lid This pink, purple and pearl round box will be going to a gallery soon as well.
triangle box with starfish -not prancing pony I will be donating this shimmery textured green box ornamented with starfish and shells to a local fundraiser.