Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Creative Day Dreaming

I find myself doing daily tasks like dishes or interacting with my son and between my ears my brain has come up with a creative idea or inspiration that remains a dream until I can find a moment, an hour or a day to smoosh and manipulate the polymer clay I work with. The time I carve out to create seems stolen from something else I should be doing like sweeping the floor or building a lego tower. I could be working for 5 minutes or 5 hours it all passes so quickly and becomes a moving meditation for my body and mind. Some days I find myself caught mentally in the creative day dream while I am out doing errands or visiting with friends. My muse visits more often now and after a full year of creating as much and as often as I can I settle in to create with less struggle and effort.  It is easier now to sit and make something then it was last year. I doubt my mostly self taught aristic self less. I appreciate all of my customers and each sale I make. I have learned a great deal about my muse, my creative process and operating a small handmade business where I am the creator, dreamer and administrator. 

I enjoyed the following video it is worth watch .