Thursday, June 18, 2015

The return of the muse and a plan

Last weekend the muse returned for a short visit from where ever she had been vacationing. On Saturday I had fun fine tuning the idea and following a tutorial I also mixed up more then a dozen colours to use. On the second day I worked for probably 10 hours I did loose count! I reined myself in and didn't create buttons in all the colours I had mixed up. If I had it would have taken a few more days and it would have resulted in about 50 pairs of buttons. I did creat 33 pairs of buttons that I will be posted on  Vanessa's Clay Adventures  in the first week of September. Sorry no sneak peeks or glimpses of this batch of buttons.

The plan. I have been pondering what to do with my Facebook page and on Etsy you can find me here SaylorDesigns . Firstly on Facebook (link above) I will be deleting all my albums before September 1 2015. I have noticed that visitors don't look through the albums or ask where they are. Over time I had created so many albums that it was confusing. That means its time to delete the albums and start fresh. That leads me to my Etsy plan. I have been slowly moving my Ready to ship stock to Etsy. I have close to 100 items listed and I have read that the more you  have listed the more likely you are to be seen. A note about pricing on the two sites. Prices on Facebook will always be lower then on Etsy. My intention in September is to list new items let them sit on Facebook for a week or two then move them to Etsy. The difference in pricing is because of the additional fees I pay to use Etsy. 

Then I had a chat with a friend who was telling me about using key words. I did some research to figure  out what key words are. Simply put as I understand it key words and the words we all use when searching for an item. My titles on Etsy were weak and didn't contain very many of those words we use to search so I have been slowly editing the titles of my listings in hopes it is easier to search my items. It seems to be helping I have been displayed in two treasuries recently. One can be found here and the other one here Fresh Finds .

That summarizes my plans with my handmade buttons and other goods for the next several months. I will leave you with pictures of two patterns I did last year and am considering repeating for fall 2015.