Friday, August 29, 2008

Would you like to see my Studio?

I enjoy to look at other artists studio spaces. I'm always curious what kind of space others create and work in. So here are a few pictures of my shared studio/office. I share a 12x10 room with my husband Pete. Admittedly I have almost taken over the whole room he has his little corner. I have the rest of the room.

This is my clay table. I have a lovely view out that window into our front yard. I can also see the road that passes in front of our home. I can watch the people and dogs walk by and our friends comming and going.
If I am claying at my table then my lap top is usually right beside me. I have met so many wonderful friends via the internet and most of them are clayers. We often have running chats that start and stop as the day goes along. It's also hand to ask the talented people I know questions if I get stuck on something. I have even had a few virtual clay dates. It's a lot of fun.

These storage shelves are located to the right of my desk. As you can see I really try to be organized.
On the other side of the room is my computer desk and my husband's desk. Pete works from home quite a bit. In the storage drawers between the desks are more craft supplies. My bead collection, pliers and related tools. I also have a small rubber stamp collection that I have used t make Christmas and birthday cards. This collection is now being used with clay and begging to be made bigger. hmmm

I have also taken over the small closet in this room for more storage.
There was a little wall space left between the closet and stationary storage so I took that over to display a few of my finished necklaces. The rest of my finished work is in a small tote that you can see in the picture of the closet.
This rolling cart is between my desk, the shelving unit and the closet. On the top of the cart I keep sheets of clay that are ready for use. I haven't come up with a better way to store them. You can also see on the middle shelf the tumbler I use to sand and buff my beads.
So from these pictures you have probably figured out that Pete and I like to be tidy and organized. My clay table will get messy when I'm working on something. When that project has been completed I "need" to put everything away where it belongs and start again. So there it is my workspace. I love having dedicated space that I can just leave as is when I'm working and not tidy up right away. It's a joy!
Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!