Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beads from black and white extruded cane

Here are some things I'm currently working on. I stacked black/white and pearl clay in my extruder and used a square disc in the extruder. This is the second time I have attempted an extruded cane and this time it worked really well. I have cooked one round disc on a light bulb to create a domded affect and plan to cook more clay beads that way Most of the beads are waiting to be cured. I have also made two need pairs of votive candle holders.

Last night I put 17 polymer clay pendants on cord and sorted out the matching beads that will become earrings. So more pictures comming soon. I'm off to rest and get rid of this lousy head cold.

The bead on the left is the bead I cured on the light bulb. The bead on the right is uncured.