Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Birthday

Well today is my birthday. As I left home this morning there were signs along the road wishing me happy birthday. On my way home another sign. Then to the florisit to pick up these wonderful orchids and carnations, my favourite flowers. This arrangement is from my terrific in laws. Thank you!

Outside the house after work

Front of our house after work

These carnations along with some balloons were dropped off at work, from the same friend that put up the signs, baloons and streamers.

My husband went to a wonderful locally Candy shop that is decorated like Hansel and Gretel's ferry tale cottage. It is full of some wonderful treats. mmmmm yum.
In fact at work a co worker brought in some yummy treats and I had lovely hugs from the kids and co workers. A perfect day. Next we are off to dinner with some close friends. Thank you everyone for the wonderful day.