Sunday, March 8, 2009

A wonderful bracelet Tutorial

This afternoon I had the opportunity to sit down and work my way through a new tutorial written by Tina Holden, . The tutorial is tittled Bam! Bam! it's done. This tutorial is filled with detailed pictures and explanations. There are over 50 steps each stage includes a picture and written explanation. I think it's suitable for someone who has barely started to use polymer clay to someone who is an advanced clayer.

Personally I learned something very important from this tutorial. I need to read all of the details even if I think I understand all of the steps and directions. I missed out a very important detail because of my tendancy to skip around and not follow the steps exactly. I have a fear of trying new things with clay in case I fail. Part of this is connected to my lack of confidence in what I am goin to make and a fear that what I do make won't turn out as expected.
I am grateful that I know Tina and she is a friend. I was able to review my attempt and find out what I missed. I re read the tutorial tonight and found out what I missed in my jumping around and not reading the lesson througly. With re reading I understand the information better and am confident my next attempt will be better.

I am so grateful that I have the chance to learn from Tina and learn from her detailed tutorial. I hope that you go and check out her blog, store and wonderful tutorials. I will post pictures soon.