Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blackberry Crumble

Yesterday I had a Friend from work coming for tea so I thought I would make a treat to eat. It took some pondering to figure out what to make. Then I thought of the blackberry crumble another friend makes...sooo good. So I ventured outside in search of blackberries to pick. I found some. I was also reminded of how sharp the thorns are on the long brambles. In fact I got more then one hug from the long clingy tentacles of the blackberries. In fact the bushes seemed to want me to stay, they just wouldn't let go. I was very glad I had taken along a pair of snips to cut my way out.

cooking down about 8 cups of blackberries

into the dish to bake

crumble added and out of the oven. Oh it was so very yummy. In fact it turned out so well thanks to Gloria for the guidance and recipe. That my mother is coming to visit today so she can have some.

Just to prove I'm never far from the computer, it came with me to the kitchen so I could cook and talk.

I also have a small confession. I have been thinking about selling my creations again. I will be applying to attend and sell at a show this fall with my friend Gen. I have had the application for a week now and am feeling rather scared about applying and selling. I am also considering selling online and approaching a local gallery. As soon as I start to consider these things the muse runs screaming and running away from the studio. It's really scary to think about pleasing others with my creations. The muse seems to be on vacation again. While she is away I will make myself do some sanding and truly finish some of the boxes I created this summer.

I have had wonderful reactions to my notebook and pen. I do want to make another one, but the thought of selling has apparently freaked out the muse. She is being a little temperamental at the moment. Ahh now that I have confessed I can take a deep breath and focus.
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