Monday, September 7, 2009

101 blog posts! and a tin

I knew that I was getting close to 100 posts but I wasn't watching the numbers. So when I checked today there it is, 101 posts. I started this blog on July 7 2008. In just over a year I have written about a few topics with the main theme being what I have created with polymer clay. In a year I have seen my skills improve, learned about blogging, found many spectacular blogs, I've blogged about travelling, and visiting with other clayers who are terrific friends. This has been a great experience so far and I look forward to the next year. Thanks to all of you that have dropped by with a note of encouragement and other comments.

Tomorrow I am back to work after a very relaxing summer off. I have bought myself a few lunch bag with a couple pockets in it. My previous lunch bag had pockets that I just dumped things in and the contents frequently spilled out. arg! So it occurred to me last week as I was trying to fall asleep one night that I could cover a tin to co ordinate with my new bag. Here it is. The tin originally had a insert to hold a CD. I have filled the tin with a couple tea bags, some tylenol and antihistamines. I'm not sure the tin is deep enough. If not I get to make another tin!

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