Thursday, December 29, 2011

My personal Bottle of Hope project

I have in the past posted pictures of the bottles of hope I have created and links to information about Bottles of Hope (B.O.H) and I have collected almost 50 B.O.H  yet they are incomplete and need a few finishing details. Some of the bottles could use some sanding and most need a message added to them. My goal is to finish 50 bottles and donate them to the local hospital before February 14 2012. I am going to get in  touch with the hospital and find a way to donate bottles to the cancer treatment unit at the hospital.

Are you wondering about the date I choose? The answer is a simple one. My dad passed away on February 7th and it this coming February he will have been gone for 4 years his birthday was also a few days after he passed away. So this year this is how I am going to commemorate his life.

To my clay friends that live locally I could sure use a hand one weekend afternoon to complete my project. With a little help it won't take long. Any one interested?