Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Window Ornament Swap

Recently my friend Tina Holden of Beadcomber decided to open a polymer clay swap group on Facebook. We have just completed our first international swap.
I struggled to come up with a design that was pleasing to look at and that I felt was good enough to swap with my assigned partner. I went through about 7 different and failed designs before the final design. I haven’t made a window ornament before and this was part of my struggle. I wanted to the ornament to hang well, look co ordinated and have some shine. Here it is!
final version full pic full length view
ornament laying down laying down
first 2 flowers first and second flower
next 2 flowers third and  fourth flower

My swap partner was Linda Garriott Weeks she doesn’t have a blog but this is her flikr page.
window ornament from Linda I have  this happy ornament hanging via suction cup on the window in my studio. I love the flowers and butterflies!
In connection to this swap we are also doing a blog hop here are the other participating blogs.