Friday, September 14, 2012

A wordy set


I have now completed the set of 14 boxes. It has taken me about a month to create the boxes from scratch. There are many steps involved and it all takes time. As I was adding the embellishments to the boxes I had idea to repeat something I have done in the past. Each box has been filled with 6 words stamped into polymer clay. I don’t know how people use my boxes after they are purchased but this time I decided to sell the boxes filled with words and hopefully they will provide inspiration to the owners.

black and white tear drop box side view

black and yellow box side view

blue and white box side view

4 blue and yellow box side view

5 brown box side view

green box side view

7 orange and blue box side view

8 orange box with pink flower side view

9 pink and purple tear drop box side view

10 pink and purple triangle box side view

round black and white box side view

12 small blue box side view

13 square green box side view

yellow box with blue flower side view

box with words This is an example of a box filled with words.

I may approach a new venue soon and hope that I can find a second location to sell my creations. Up next on my table is a journal cover for a swap. After then I must start commission I was offered in spring. The client wants the item completed as a special Christmas gift. The project is a little daunting but I think I am ready to get it started.