Sunday, October 21, 2012

The flopped studio over haul and some pictures


Recently I attempted to re organize my studio without spending any money and only using what I currently have. My plan flopped. The furniture couldn’t be moved due to the lack of electrical outlets and things like the modem, router and digital cable box all having to remain in the same location. I did remove one bookcase for a a week but it went back today as well I just have too many things piled up on the tops of two other book cases and those items are too hard to reach when I do need them.  I have found a new way to store my clay in old cassette tape boxes. Thanks Tina for the idea and bringing me my first cassette tape storage box.

I have found over the last two weeks after I created a page on Facebook to sell my handmade items I have been very motivated to create as often as as much as I can. Vanessa's Clay Adventures 

pair of blue pens This pair of blue pens is currently sold.

pair of pink pens A bring and cheery pair of pink and black pens.

pink mg box A pink and black round box.

orange extruded cane slice 

An orange and black retro cane that is covering a square box.


brown retro cane

A brown and red retro cane that will also be used to cover a square box.

blue mg buttons

Small blue buttons I made for fun they are for sale on my Facebook page.

pink mg buttons

Small pink and black buttons currently for sale on my page as well.

I think that covers everything I have made in the last two weeks. Although I currently have three square boxes that are under way. I share pictures of them when they are completed.