Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Group Pictures


Today I got a phone call that one of the shops that has carried my art since this past March is closing this week. So I drove out to the shop and gathered my pieces up and brought everything home. That led me to count my finished crochet hooks. I will show you the picture and then tell you how many there are. I also took group pictures of all my other finished items.


4 business card cases 

4 business card cases the bottom right one in orange and black is sold

group picture of boxes and canvases 

completed boxes and canvases


14 completed pens

unfinished pens 

4 incomplete pens

magnets magnets

32 crochet hooks 

32 crochet hooks

At the moment I am preparing for my first Ready to Ship (RTS) sale that will be hosted by a page on Facebook. The sale will start on June 5th and run for a week. I will be listing crochet hooks, pens, magnets and business card holders as they are easy to ship. I will post the link for the sale next week.