Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doodling for fun


I recently came across a group on Facebook that decorates index cards for fun. I loved the idea right away. I haven’t joined the original group as I wasn’t up for the challenge of 1 index card a day for 60 days. I have joined a smaller local group that is doing the index cards on a more relaxed basis. Here are the cards I have done so far. All of these designs are done on 3x5 index cards

Link to original group

June 9 2013 number one pencil crayons and markers

number 5 june 18th feeeling a little dotty crayon rubbing and markers


june 23 circles and dots markers and pencil crayons

june 17 number 4 life is a beach crayon rubbing on texture sheet, markets and printed images


june 19th doodling number 6 markers

june 10 number 2 alcohol inks, salt and polymer clay words


june 24 number 6 back ground done with alcohol inks

This phrase came from a Etsy news letter a close friend sent me. It was the push I needed and I have now opened my Etsy shop. For the moment I have only one item listed but I will certainly add more soon.