Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A new canvas in the works

I am slowly returning to the studio after more then a month off to focus on family and the garden. Over the weekend I started to work on a 5x7 canvas. I started by dripping alcohol and acrylic inks onto the canvas and letting them dry. Then I created about 10 very simple polymer clay canes.
cane covered canvas
ink covered canvas 1
this is also a 5x7 canvas covered with inks but I wasn’t thrilled with it
For well over a year I have been wanting to improve the storage in my studio and hadn’t been able to find the funds. I found a used cabinet for $20 recently and then found one new and on sale for $60.
1 new cabinets
When the two new cabinets went into my studio a large book case was displaced and went into my son’s room and that move bumped another shelf out of his room and into my studio.
oven stand
I have a very large armoire in my studio yet that will also eventually be replaced as well.