Saturday, October 26, 2013

Improving my displays for a local shop and more


I have started working on the Christmas ornaments that I will be making for this year in the past I haven’t started on these until late November. I have purchased 6 medium sized glass balls and 6 small glass balls to make into ornaments. Here is the first one.

hanging navy and silver ornament 1

bottom view of navy and silver filigree ornament

This navy, silver and pearl ornament sparkles in the light!


hook display holding hooks 

I have my crochet hooks on display in a local shop hanging out in a cup and they aren’t selling and I suspect its because it is difficult to see the colors and size of the hook and this is my first attempt at a better display for them I am not thrilled with it and will be re working it tomorrow. This display measures 11 inches long and 3.5 inches long.


pen display 2

I have the same issue with my pens they are hanging out in a cup and aren’t sell so I made this display. It will hold 9 pens and hopefully increase the sales. The pen holder measures 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.

pen in turquoise and purple I love the colors of this pattern purple and turquoise is beautiful! This little cylinder is a pen in the making.

boh 1 I have continued to clean up in my studio and found a box of small glass jars I had forgotten I had. I had gotten the jars a few years ago in hopes I would make a while bunch of Bottles of Hope. I haven’t done any of these bottles in a year so decided it was time to start making them slowly as I do other projects.