Monday, September 30, 2013

A Tree canvas, 2 boxes and a score!


I recently covered a 8x10 inch stretch canvas in polymer clay. I was inspired by several different pictures of trees created using polymer clay and this is my interpretation of a fall tree.

The solid blue black ground is surrounded by a textured frame highlighted with silver. I made a series of about 10 polymer clay leaf canes. This was the firs time I had made leaf canes

My husband liked the picture enough that he asked if he could have it for his office at work.

finished view of tree canvas

close up of border frame

close up of edge 

edge of picture with more leaves


My next inspiration came from a twist I saw on a retro or extruded cane.

top view of football shapped box lid of box


lid off football shapped box lid off and the inside

bottom view of football shapped box side view


Next I did a square box with the same colours.

side view of square texture box with black and white lid


square texture box with black and white lid

I have several other ideas floating around between my ears but nothing that is quite coming together. I did pick up some little 4x4 inch canvases last week. I have been looking for small canvases for several months so I am excited to get to work with them.

I am on Facebook a little too much and follow way too many local swap ‘n shop type pages. A couple days ago I saw a quiet little add posted for some polymer clay items that someone was selling. After chatting with the person it turns out she was giving away all the art supplies. I commented and went to pick up the goods. I came home with 4 banker boxes full of goodies plus some some stuff that didn’t fit into the boxes.


banker box of clay 

Here is just one picture from that wonderful score! In total I came home with over 200 pieces of polymer clay. I have sorted through the treasures and shared with two friends and have another box of items to share yet.