Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Ornaments and a Craft Fair


Over the last month I covered 6 glass ornament balls, made shawl pins, and ring dishes in preparation for a craft fair I attended yesterday. One of the ornaments sold off my Facebook page the same day I listed it and another sold at the craft fair.

better snowflake ornament picture snowflakes

starfish ornament starfish (sold)

floral ornament flowers (this is the one that sold the same day I listed it on my Facebook page)

pink christmas ball pink!

pink flower ornament grey back ground with dusty pink flowers

grey and purple round ornament grey and purple ornament

I also made several shawl pins for the first time.

brown shawl pin

pink shawl pin

blue shawl pin

blue and yellow shawl pin

black and white shawl pin sold

black and whie rear drop shawl pin


ring dishes these are some tiny little ring dishes that are less then 2 inches across and 1/4 inch deep.

ring dishes upside down

riser display at craft fair

This is a picture of display that a good friend of mine built its a wonderful solid and sturdy wood riser with 3 levels. I was able to display many items in a compact space. The riser stand 14 inches tall and 44 inches long. In this picture you can see the basket holding my pens and shawl pins. The craft fair I attended had poor attendance and sales were minimal.